We repair the «Mind» of energy technologies



The basic service, currently offered by A2Z Energy Solutions, is the repair of most of the electronic boards that control the function of:

  • Electricity generating machines, such as wind turbines, photovoltaics, voltage inverters, small hydroelectric units, biomass units.
  • Appliances that consume electricity, such as air-conditioners, washing machines and ovens.

The laboratory

Our laboratory is well equipped with the most up-to-date machines, suitable for detailed operation analysis, fault diagnosis and eventually repair of electronic boards.

Recent Laboratory Works

Our recent works include electronic boards from wind turbines, inverters of photovoltaic parks and air conditioners mainly of inverter type.

Input Procedure for an Electronic Board

If you are interested in sending an electronic board for repair, you can contact our experienced technicians by phone or skype at "A2Z ENERGY SOLUTIONS", in order to review any prospects for repair, prior to sending the electronic board to our workshop. If the board is considered to be repairable then for entry to our workshop, you can choose one of the following procedures that best suits your needs and capabilities:

Uninstallation of the board by you and mailing of it to our laboratory.

Note that our company works with a courier company, which can pick up the board from your premises.

Uninstallation of the board by us and transferring of it to our laboratory.

If you are not able to uninstall the board, then our company has a nationwide network of experienced and well-equipped staff to uninstall the board and transfer it to our workshop.

Transferring of either the whole or part of the equipment.

In cases where the board cannot be uninstalled, either the whole or part of the equipment may be uninstalled by you or by us and transferred to our laboratory.